Donnie's Corner

Winter 2022
    Winter is upon us in a big way, with temperatures consistently running thirty or more degrees lower than normal. We’ve had less than average snowfall, but enough at regular intervals to keep us busy.
    Pete suffered a serious accident while on vacation in October that has had him off his feet until just after the new year. We are glad to have him back and are taking advantage of his artistic ability to refurbish many of our directional signs around the property.
    Jim and I have put much effort into keeping walks, steps, parking areas and roads in good condition and will be greatly relieved when Pete is released to full physical labor. Pete is “champing at the bit” and can’t wait to get outside.
     Winter is beautiful here at Point Breeze and lots of fun for all that come to ski, skate, or just sit by the fire and enjoy the ambiance our area has to offer. That said, please help us to serve you better by letting us know when you plan to be here. 
Happy New Year!