Unit owners and the Association share responsibility for care of our resources.  Following is a description of  the Association's activities to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of common areas, shared amenities and individual units.  It also describes the requirements of unit owners.  Click on each section to get further details.


As a unit owner you are responsible for the upkeep of the interior of your unit, cleanliness of your deck and porch, selection and maintenance of approved foundation plantings, seeking approval from the ARC for anything other than decorative changes to your unit, proper use of shared commons areas and amenities, and conformance with Association rules and bylaws. Here is what you are accountable for:
Following the Rules And Bylaws. You, your guests, and tenants are responsible for adhering to all Association rules and bylaws.  Your questions can be directed to the Facility Manager or the President of the Board of Directors. 
Maintaining Your Unit. You are responsible for the maintenance of the interior of your unit, its equipment, and attached areas (such as upkeep of the decks and stairs). Each owner is responsible for performing the normal maintenance for any Limited Common Area which is attached to your unit,  including keeping it in a clean and sanitary condition and clearing front steps of ice and snow.
Changes to your unit, other than redecorating, may require approval of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and the Board of Directors.  Check here for information on requirements and steps you must follow.  Staff requests a certificate of liability for any contractor or vendor working on behalf of a unit owner.  Staff does not coordinate with vendors for work commissioned by unit owners.
You must maintain your unit in a clean and sanitary condition and follow the trash sorting guidelines   The staff will collect appropriately sorted garbage and recycling materials from your garage weekly and take it to the Wolfeboro Solid Waste/Transfer Station.
Requests for maintenance to your unit by the staff can be made by using the service request form.
If you are gone for the season, be sure to follow the guidelines for managing your unit in the off season
Maintaining the Landscaping Around Your Unit. It is our policy to foster a neat but natural look to our landscaping and avoid a formal or manicured look. All plantings should be consistent with indigenous plant life, congruent with soil conditions, and avoid excessive fertilization or watering and avoid disease problems.
You may plant and maintain annuals in foundation beds of your unit at your expense without prior approval. Bed maintenance and plant care is the responsibility of the unit owner. 
Planting of perennial, bulbs, bushes, or shrubs must conform to the approved plantings list. Requests for plantings are to be submitted on the landscaping request form.
Using the Boat And Dock Properly.  Read this section before you purchase a boat to prevent a great deal of confusion!  Power boats are limited in size to a maximum of 19’ in length and 92” in width.  Exceptions are not permitted due to the limitations and requirements of the Point Breeze dock system, approved by the State of NH.  If you intend to have a boat, please consult the boat tie-up methods.
The Association allows for one assigned dock slip per unit. If you have a request for the assignment of a slip or change of slip, contact the Facility Manager or the chairperson of the Waterfront/Water Quality Committee.
Owners may have rowing shells, prams, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards. They must be placed in the racks provided or stored neatly at the unit by the end of the day. A small sailboat is also permitted and these are stored on the beach adjacent to the swim areas or neatly at the unit. 
Volunteer Opportunities. All unit owners are encouraged to participate in various standing committees. You may volunteer for any of these at the time of the Annual Meeting or let the Board know of your interest. 


The Association is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all common areas and amenities as well as for the maintenance and repair of all unit external walls, decks, stairs, porches, gutters, roofs and foundation. Each year, the Point Breeze staff and selected contractors carry out activities to ensure maintenance standards are met for the Association. The following sections detail what the Association is responsible to do.


Entrance. Maintain the entrance in top condition for a visually appealing and welcoming appearance.
Roadways. Inspect the condition of all pavement and shoulders. Contract cracking repair and seal coat every 3 years. Maintain road shoulders with “road pack” material. Clean signs annually and repair or replace them, as needed.
Grounds Cleanup.  Complete annual spring and fall cleanup.  Repair potholes in unpaved road and re-gravel, as needed. Trim back “rough” maintained areas.  Re-gravel boat ramp, as needed. Clean up debris after storms.
Lawn Maintenance. Mow and trim all lawns weekly during the summer. Remove leaves in the fall.  Remove leaves, pine cones, or any other material from the roads that may compromise safety. Treat grounds with slow release lime in the fall. Treat areas requiring weed abatement with eco-friendly weed killer. Sow lawns requiring over-seeding with custom drought tolerant grass seed blend. Treat all lawns with eco-friendly fertilizer in the spring. Install lawn furniture in the spring, store in the fall, and paint as needed.
Trees. Inspect trees periodically for tree health and safety through services of a contract arborist.  Remove unsafe trees near units.  Remove dead limbs.  Limb overgrown trees to reduce moisture, moss, or algae growth on unit siding and roofs. Replace trees along the entrance roadway, as needed.
Snow removal.  Remove snow from roads and walkways during the winter as a safety precaution to enable fire trucks to have access, if needed.  Remove snow, in priority order, in common areas up to unit steps. The order of snow removal priority on walkways is first from occupied units, second from occasional use occupants, and third from those shut down for the winter. While snow removal from front steps is the unit owner's responsibility, the practice has been that staff will, as available, remove snow from unit front steps in units occupied in the winter. Sand is used minimally, as necessary, for safety.
Walkways. Inspect common area walkways and repair as required to ensure safety and appearance.  Regrade  as required.
Beaches. Clean and rake beaches weekly. 
Lighting. Clean fixtures and inspect post light fixtures each spring to ensure lighting timers are correct. Check and repair pathway lighting as needed.


Tennis Courts. Clean, inspect, and repair courts each spring. Install and remove nets. Maintain the perimeter fence and backboard.
Gazebo. Inspect the interior of the gazebo and clean weekly. Pressure wash, repair, and paint the gazebo every 5 years.
Boathouse. Maintain, store, and put out the deck furniture annually. Pressure wash the upper and lower decks each spring. Inspect, repair, and paint the boathouse every 5 years.
Docks and Boat Ramp.  Install the three boat ramp docks before Memorial Day and remove soon after Labor Day each year. Build new docks, as needed.  Annually inspect and replace dock hardware, as needed.  Inspect canoe, kayak, and paddle board storage racks annually and repair, as required. Install and remove swim area lines, the swim float, and safety buoys annually and maintain in good repair. 
Pumphouse and Water System. Complete pump readings weekly and water sampling monthly or as required by NHDES. Inspect pumps, tanks, and controls quarterly. Pressure wash, inspect, repair, and paint the pumphouse every five years. File permitting with NHDES annually and issue the Consumer Confidence Report. Administer the contract with a state-certified small water system operator for scheduled water sampling.
Sewer Systems.  Inspect the septic system and pump 1/3 of the tanks annually. Administer the septic system maintenance contract. Replace the pumps, as required.


The Association is responsible for the following maintenance on individual units.
The ARC inspects individual units annually with the Facility Manager and notes deficiencies. These are corrected within a reasonable timeframe.  
Once every five years each building exterior goes through an intensive process that includes:
  • Power washing all exterior surfaces and treatment for mold or algae growth as needed.
  • Conducting a close inspection of all areas.  Any noted areas of rot are opened and replaced or repaired.
  • Painting of all exterior surfaces using paint specially formulated for these materials in this climate to reduce long-term maintenance. Paint once every five years.
  • Inspecting decks, stairs and railings annually and replaced as required, repainted as part of paint cycle. Front doors repainted as part of painting cycle.
Garages. Paint garages as part of a five year paint/rot repair cycle. Inspect light fixtures on garages annually.
Walkways. Inspect walkways annually and reset or rebuild as needed for safety. Apply weed killer each spring. Power wash walkways to remove moss and plant growth as needed.
Roofs and Gutters. Clean debris off unit and garage roofs annually. Clean unit and garage gutters annually. Waterproof and inspect chimney masonry once every three years.
Snow and Ice Removal. Remove snow from garage aprons and walkways, as needed. Remove snow and ice from unit and garage roofs when necessary to alleviate ice dams.
Landscaping.  Clear beds out in the spring and fall. Trim and prune unit shrubs on 1/3 of the units are each year. Treat soil at unit foundations each spring to prevent insect infestation.
Mailboxes. Inspect mailboxes and stands annually. Replace and repair, as needed.


In addition to these comprehensive maintenance activities, the Association is responsible to:
  • Respond to individual unit owners requests for service. You can fill out the service request form to request assistance and can expect a response from the staff by the next business day.
  • Develop an annual budget.
  • Provide for a reserve fund.
  • Provide general administrative services, fiscal management, oversight of contract services, insurance related activities, waterfront management, and general planning.
  • Maintain equipment, tools, and vehicles.
  • Help ensure security of Point Breeze properties and amenities.
Other activities as requested by the Board of Directors.