President's Message

June 2024
To All Unit Owners:
Greetings from Point Breeze!
The Summer season has finally arrived here in New Hampshire and the property looks as green and lush as ever!  After a not-so-Spring-like Spring, it is a welcomed relief.  I want to update you on what is going on at Point Breeze, as well as remind you of some important things as you return for the Summer season.
First and foremost, being the beginning of Summer, the docks are going in the lake.  As of this writing, the Center and East docks are in and usable, and the West docks will be going in this week.  Once that work is complete, the swim lines and float will be installed and the East and West beaches will get refreshed so they are ready for summertime fun.  I am happy to report that the lake level is back to normal after last year’s draw down and we should have a beautiful summer on our beaches and boats.
In general, because of the arduous Spring cleanup resulting from the destructive Winter/Spring storms, we are a bit behind on our mowing and trimming around the property, but this year’s routine building painting and repairs are well underway.  Our tree service company removed the last of the storm debris the week before last and our staff has done a fantastic job of getting the property cleaned up and looking good.  Donnie, Jim and Ryan have been rock stars throughout and I want to thank them for all their hard work in a particular tough Spring.
Now, some important reminders:
  • I am thrilled to report that we will have a lot of small children on the property this year and it will be more important than ever to watch your speed when driving on the property.  Please  stay aware and keep your speed at or below the posted 15 mph limit.
  • Please remember, and remind your quests, that parking on the property is limited to designated parking areas, only.  If you have multiple guests please have them park in the overflow parking area by the Association office.  There is no parking on the grass or in the wooded areas of the property.
  • For their safety and the safety of all on the property, please keep your pets on their leashes when moving around the property, and please remember to clean up after your pets.
  • Please ensure that your trash is sorted appropriately, as delineated in the Point Breeze Trash Separation Guide, which may be picked up at the Association office or found on the Association website.  The Wolfeboro Solid Waste Transfer Station has gotten very strict about what it accepts and we cannot risk losing our facility permit.  Trash that is not sorted properly will not be taken by the staff.
  • When your day on our beaches, or on your boats, is completed, please remember to take all of your personal property home with you.  Anything left on the beaches or docks will be taken away and disposed of by the staff during their regular maintenance of the facilities.
One final note - as a result of the last destructive storm we had, several trees fell within the area of our Boatyard and at least one of the boats stored there was severely damaged.  Upon inspection after this incident, it has become obvious that there are numerous items in the Boatyard that have been stored for a long duration or have simply been abandoned.  Our Boatyard is there to store trailers during the Summer season, and boats on trailers during the other three seasons.  It was never intended to be a long-term storage facility for items seldom or never used.  Quite frankly, it is getting quite crowded in the Boatyard and we will endeavor to clean it out this summer.  Any items not identified or claimed will be disposed of by the staff.  Donnie will be sending out ample notifications of this process, beginning shortly, but if you have items in the Boatyard currently please make sure your unit number is visible on them.  I encourage you to please remove anything you do not plan on using in the near future, before it is removed for you.
Thanks for your attention to these important matters.  I look forward to seeing you all around the property and look forward to another wonderful summer at Point Breeze and on Lake Wentworth!
April 17, 2024
All Unit Owners:
As a follow up to my previous message, I wanted to let you know that the weather has improved and clean up of the property continues. We had another (rain) storm late last week, with high winds again, but thankfully this time we saw very little additional damage. The staff is very busy restoring order around the property, as there is a lot of debris to be moved, but all units are now accessible and the roads are clear. There are still sagging power lines in the upper west field and lower east circle, and we are waiting for Wolfeboro Electric to make their way back to us to repair those non-priority items. At this point I would tell you to come on up if you’re so inclined, but please pardon the mess!
On a very sad note, I also wanted to let you know that a good friend to many and long-time resident of our community, Felicity Freund, passed away this week after long and hard-fought illness. There was no greater supporter of Lake Wentworth and the surrounding community and Felicity will be missed by all. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.
Stay safe and healthy!
April 8, 2024
All Unit Owners:
It’s been another challenging couple of days here at Point Breeze. Last Thursday’s Nor'Easter dumped 20+ inches of wet, heavy snow on the property and together with 30-40 mph winds, created quite a chaotic and dangerous situation. We lost several more trees and many, many broken tree parts rained down all over the property.
Early Thursday morning a tree fell on the upper west field, taking the power lines down with it. That resulted in a loss of power for Units 1-7, 8-18, 43-46, and the office. When Wolfeboro electric finally reached us to repair the service late Saturday, they had to instead shut off the power to the entire property due to a downed live wire, and to get the fallen tree off the all the wires. From that point, the entire property was without power (and water) until 11am Sunday morning, when they returned to complete the repairs. While it did take a bit longer than usual for Wolfeboro Electric to respond and repair our service, I appreciate their efforts given the unprecedented amount of repair work they are facing resulting from this storm.
As far as the cleanup around Point Breeze, that will take weeks, so I would encourage you NOT to rush up here unless absolutely necessary. Our tree maintenance company is coming Monday to start cutting down and removing tree parts too large for our staff to move and that will likely take the better part of a week.
Thankfully, there was no significant damage to any of the buildings, but some unit entrances are blocked by debris and inaccessible, not to mention there is still a great deal of snow on the ground. Again, if you do not have to be here, please stay home for now so our staff can work unimpeded.
I will keep you posted as to the progress of our cleanup and the general accessibility of the property. If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to call me or Donnie.
Stay safe!
Late January 2024
A quick update from Point Breeze...
I am very happy to report to you that we have taken possession of our new Association work truck and we are now back to full operations on the property. Donnie has already been out plowing with the new truck, and Jim and Ryan will resume trash pickup on Tuesday. I appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked through the aftermath of the December storm and hope you were not greatly inconvenienced.
Stay safe and warm, and I hope to see you up here soon!
January 2024
Happy New Year from Point Breeze!
I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year celebration! I wanted to update you on some significant happenings around Point Breeze in recent weeks.
As you may have already heard, we had a bit of a weather disaster here on December 18, when a violent storm blew through packing sustained winds around 40 mph and gusts reaching 60-70 mph. I am happy (and quite relieved) to report that no people and no structures were harmed during the storm. Unfortunately, we did not escape completely unscathed.
The wind blew down 7 trees and, unfortunately, 2 of those trees hit and crushed our red work truck as it was parked in front of the office. We are currently working with our insurer to deal with fixing/replacing the truck. For some perspective, the entrance road to PB was blocked for the better part of the day because the fallen trees could not be cleared until the wind abated. Also, one of the trees took down a power line feeding the west half of the property. That side of the property was without power, and the entire property was without water, for almost 28 hours. The trees were cleared, the power was restored, and the property was cleaned up in record time because of the quick thinking and action, and hard work, of our staff (who were on the property when the storm hit).
Since the storm, Donnie, Jim and Ryan have done an unbelievable job getting the property back up and running and, once again, our tree contractor Doug Royle, along with our friends at Wolfeboro Electric, provided us with immediate and quite literally life-saving service. Big thank you to all of them!
I urge any of you thinking about coming up in the next few weeks to check with Donnie prior to traveling up here, as there is currently no trash pickup being done, and plowing will be at the mercy of outside contractors, in the short term because of the loss of our truck. All other work on the property is ongoing. I will keep you all posted as to our progress in replacing the truck and getting our trash pickup and plowing back on track. The positive news for now is that the short term weather forecast shows little in the way of snow in the next week or so.
The next time you drive onto the property, check out the huge tree stumps near the office - they will provide you with some idea of the size of the trees that came down and the ferocity of the wind that fell them. Until my next update, stay safe at your homes and pray with us that Mother Nature’s fury ebbs a bit going forward.
Please reach out to me (or Donnie) if you have any questions about the property.
November 2023
Greetings from (a chilly and snowy) Point Breeze! We had our first measurable snowfall of the season this morning and, despite being a wee bit early on the calendar, it was as beautiful as ever!
Having just completed our November Board meeting, I wanted to provide you with some updates regarding recent activities here on the property. The Fall season at Point Breeze is usually pretty active, but this year it was especially so:
  • The staff removed our docks on schedule, with the help of our old friend Jim Roome. Our timing was perfect this year, as this was the year for the lake “drop”, which is done every five years. The lake level is lower than I have ever seen it and had we waited any longer to remove the docks, we would not have been able to do so.
  • Over the Summer our staff detected a leak in our water system and this Fall we were able to pinpoint and repair it. The leak was, in fact, two separate leaks in front of Units 30/31, each resulting from aging pipes.  Big thank you to Gilford Well Co. for their prompt and thorough repair.
  • During the annual septic tank pumping/cleaning, our staff noticed a faulty septic pump, also in front of Units 30/31. That pump was subsequently replaced, along with some aging wiring. Thank you to DJ Septic for their prompt and thorough work.
  • Fall cleanup has been ongoing (and, seemingly, never-ending). It has been a very special year for leaf, pine needle and acorn drops and the staff has been quite busy keeping the property clean.
  • With the extreme lake level drop, the staff has been able to redistribute a great deal of our beach sand (particularly on the West Beach) and we now have, again, a fluffy sand beach. Big thank you to the staff from all of us that enjoy the West Beach!
Looking ahead to the remainder of the year:
  • Our roofing project continues next week, with Units 1, 2/3, 4 and 41/42 receiving new roofs. That will leave Units 43/44 and 44/45 for 2024, and that will complete the project for all units. (We are still looking into tackling the garage roofs. Stay tuned!)
  • The outdoor furniture at the gazebo was replaced this summer and the new chairs have held up very well, so we will be purchasing additional new furniture for the boat house deck, before year’s end. 
In other Board meeting news:
  • I announced that we were able to pay back our water filtration system loan, in full, this year, ahead of schedule.
  • The Board adopted the PBCA’s 2024 budget, which reflects a .8% increase to the operating budget, and a 1.8% overall increase (including the annual 6% Reserve increase) over the 2023 budget. Unit owners were sent the budget, as adopted, this past Monday for review and all will have the opportunity to DISAPPROVE the budget during a telephone meeting scheduled for Monday, November 20, at 6:00pm. 
  • The Board also adopted the newly drafted Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation Policy, for any unit owner wishing to install an EV fast-charger in their unit garage. The policy will be distributed to all unit owners, shortly, and may be found on the Association's website.
That's all I have for now - consider yourself up to date! As always, if you have any questions about the activities around the property, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any of the Board members.
Stay warm, safe and healthy, and have a wonderful Holiday Season!