President's Message

August 2022
Report of the President
Annual Meeting of the Unit Owners’ Association Point Breeze Condominium Association
August 6, 2022
To All Unit Owners:
Greetings to All! I look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s meeting! We will meet on the first Saturday in August, as we always do, but please note the time change for the meeting - we will meet on August 6, at the Wolfeboro Public Library, but at 8:00am!
Once again, I am very happy to report that Point Breeze is in very good shape, both physically and financially. A lot has happened around the property since we last met and there is a lot of good stuff to report, so let’s get to it.
The Board and the Staff have addressed ALL the issues brought up during last year’s Annual Meeting, including:
  • All of the waterfront bushes were trimmed prior to the summer season
  • All of the building foundational bushes were trimmed last Fall
  • All of the property signage has been updated, repaired or replaced, with additional key signage added
  • All of the light posts/lamps have been cleaned
  • Roadside bushes and undergrowth have been trimmed back
  • All tree maintenance was completed in early Spring
  • All roofs have been cleaned of pine needles
  • Docks were installed on schedule, despite VERY cold water temperatures
  • The roof replacement program continues on schedule, with Units 8/9, 17/18 and 20/22 receiving new roofs last Fall
  • The Point Breeze Rules have been updated and distributed, with recent changes including explicit hours of operation for the tennis courts and the addition of handicap parking spaces down at the West Beach.
In addition, the Board re-formed the Point Breeze committee structure, forming a new Property Committee, with Subcommittees for Architectural Review, Waterfront and Grounds. This newly re-formed committee has allowed the Board to take a more holistic view and approach to the general upkeep of our almost 50 acres of property. I hope you notice a difference, as well as all the hard work put in by our dedicated staff of Donnie, Pete and Jim. This team’s hard work and dedication to keeping Point Breeze looking great and functioning well is very much appreciated.
Things to look forward to later in the year:
  • Replacement of the driveway for the Unit 2/3 garages
  • The re-roofing of Units 6/7, 30/32 & 36 (2023 will see new roofs on Units 1, 2/3, 4 & 41/42, and 2024 will conclude our roofing cycle with Units 43/44 & 45/46)
  •  Removal of the docks (East, West, then Center)
  • Our usual Fall cleanup
While none of our units sold during the past year, the amount of calls and solicitations we received from local real estate agents is a good sign that Point Breeze remains a very popular and desirable destination on Lake Wentworth.
The Canadian geese continue to enjoy our shores and be a nuisance, so we tried something “retro” this year, in addition to our hard-working swan decoys. Some of you have no doubt heard our “bird-bangers”, which are, essentially, loud firecrackers that are shot into the air to scare the birds, without harming them. Long-time residents might remember that Ralph Smith and Anne Roome used to use the same method to chase the birds. Ridding our shores of these nuisances is a process and we are dedicated to helping them learn that they are not welcomed at Point Breeze.
The Point Breeze Website ( is functioning well and I hope you are all taking advantage of this user friendly hub of relevant information. I also hope you all have taken the opportunity to update your personal information within the Membership Directory, which is part of our website. Again, thank you to Russ Schundler for managing the site and for keeping the content up to date. If you have any questions about or issues with the website, please contact Russ, directly. I am also happy to report that a new Point Breeze Instagram account (@pointbreeze03894) is up and running, as well! We continue to add updates, through pictures, of happenings around the property. I hope you follow our account!
Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to remind you (and, in turn, your guests) about a number of our very important Rules. PLEASE:
  • Obey our Speed Limit (15 mph) - we have lots of children running around the property this time of year AND we have staff working all around the property. For their safety and yours, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!
  • Do not bring glass bottles outside of your units - broken glass is a real hazard!
  • Clean up after your pets - we are seeing a lot of dog waste left unattended around the property, which is unsightly AND unhealthy.
  • Watch where your guests park - we have seen numerous incidents this summer of cars being “parked” in random areas around the property, where no cars should ever be.
I hope to see you out and about, enjoying everything Point Breeze has to offer. As I do every year, I hope that being here at Point Breeze allows you to take a deep breath, exhale and relax. Enjoy!
All the best!
Paul S. Brown President