President's Message

Summer 2023
Greetings from Point Breeze!
With Memorial Day weekend now behind us, Summer 2023 is officially underway!  We look forward to seeing you all up here enjoying our beautiful little corner of the world.  I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some updates on activities around the property, as well as some reminders for when you join us here.
The last two weeks have seen a tremendous amount of work accomplished around the property, including:
  • all the tree damage that resulted from the winter storms has been cleaned up;
  • all of the shoreline bushes/foliage has been trimmed;
  • the Center and West docks have been installed;
  • the annual painting work is well underway; and
  • the general Spring/Summer cleanup work is in full swing.
You may have noticed that the grass/lawns are looking a bit shaggy - that is intentional, as we are in the midst of “No Mow May”, the goal of which is to allow the grass to grow and “seed over”, meaning the grass seeds grow and spread, increasing the growth and health of the lawns.  The staff has just begun mowing and all should be nicely groomed in no time!
You also may have noticed a new staff member on the property.  Ryan Shannon started with us two weeks ago and has truly hit the grounds running.  Ryan will be with us through the end of the summer, when he plans to move out of state.  We’re all hoping his plans change...
All in all, we are right where we should be with summer prep work (even a bit ahead) and Point Breeze is looking as beautiful as ever!  I can also tell you, from personal experience, that the lake water is inviting, wonderful and quite refreshing!
As far as news updates, in case you missed it the Board adopted two new Rules during its most recent meeting, in early May.  The new/revised Rules focus on prohibiting the charging EVs at unit garages (unless certain equipment is installed), and Sunfish Sailboat storage on the West Beach.  The complete Rules will be forwarded to you in a separate email - keep an eye out for them.
Finally, some reminders:
  • You may have noticed that we have installed two chains that restrict access to our property from Sunset Point Road.  We have put these barriers in place because of several incursions by trespassers last year.  If you need to access the property from there, or if you need to access the boat ramp, simply drop the chains and go about your business.  But, PLEASE, reattach the chains when you complete your tasks.  We need your help to protect our property and privacy.
  • If you are around the property in June and your unit is on the schedule to be painted, PLEASE provide the painter with unfettered access to all relevant unit areas.
  • Please remember to sort your trash appropriately.  The Wolfeboro solid waste dump will not accept unsorted trash and, in turn, our staff will not pick up your trash if it is not sorted properly.  PLEASE do your part!
  • As always, PLEASE watch your speed as you drive around the property.  We have many children and grandchildren running around, as well as staff working, and we all need to do our best to ensure their safety.
That’s all for now!  Stay healthy, be safe, and hurry on up here to enjoy what will undoubtedly be another gorgeous Point Breeze summer!
All the best!
Paul S. Brown
Point Breeze Condominium Association