July 2019 
Hi, everyone!
The Summer of 2019 is in full swing and I hope you are enjoying everything around Point Breeze. I just have a few reminders for you as we move into the Dog Days of July.
The Annual Meeting of the Unit Owners will take place on Saturday, August 10, 2019, at the Windrifter Resort on South Main Street.  The meeting will be held from 9:00-11:00a, in the Mountain View Room.  I hope you all can attend, as we will be voting to adopt the Association’s newly revised Bylaws.  The Bylaws have been revised to comply with the recently amended New Hampshire statutes, and we want all unit owners to be aware of the changes.  I look forward to seeing you all there!
Each unit will receive an Annual Meeting packet, including the meeting agenda, committee reports and revised Bylaws, three weeks before the meeting.
The meeting material, along with other Point Breeze announcements and information, may also be found by signing into the new Point Breeze website.  I encourage you to visit the site and to utilize the information you will find there.
But, don’t spend too much time on the website.  Get outside and enjoy all the beauty Point Breeze has to offer!
Until the Annual Meeting…enjoy!