President's Message

December 2020
President’s Message
Point Breeze Unit Owners:
The Winter season officially arrived in New Hampshire over the weekend in the form of a blustery Nor’easter, complete with our first snowfall. With the new blanket of snow (and ice) providing a reminder of the approaching holidays, I thought this would be a good time to bring you all up to speed on several developments here at Point Breeze.
First and foremost, I hope you are all safe and healthy wherever you may be. New Hampshire is seeing a bit of an uptick in COVID-19 cases, as the whole country is, and even Wolfeboro has seen an increase in cases. So, I urge you all to continue to wear your masks, wash your hands frequently and socially distance yourself from others.
Next, I am happy to report that there were no votes against the proposed Point Breeze 2021 Budget during the Unit Owner Meeting on November 30. So, the budget was thereby ratified and becomes effective on January 1, 2021, as it was adopted by the Board of Directors during its meeting back on November 7. Thank you to all that participated in our budget approval process.
Also, for those of you that have not yet heard, our friend and long-time staff person, Jim Roome, will be retiring at the end of the month. While replacing Jim is impossible, we have hired a new staff member to work alongside Pete, whose name happens also to be Jim - Jim Copithorne - so that should make the transition a bit easier! Jim C. is a local guy and has worked with Pete before, at previous employers. Jim C. will start at the beginning of the new year. Please join me in thanking Jim R. for all his hard work over the years, and in wishing him the best as he begins the next chapter in his life.
Lastly, on a very sad note, I wanted to let everyone know that one of our long-time residents, Paul Klimm, passed away last week. I know you all join me in passing along our sincerest condolences and sympathies to Joan and her family. Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.
In closing, I urge you to keep up with Point Breeze activities by checking out the Point Breeze website ( and the Point Breeze Instagram page (@pointbreezenh). Stay safe, stay healthy and stay warm. As a difficult 2020 finally draws to a close I wish you all a very merry holiday season and a happy and healthy New Year!
I wish you and yours all the best in 2021!
Paul S. Brown
Point Breeze Condominium Association