President's Message

January 2022
President’s Message
To All Unit Owners:
Greetings from a VERY cold Point Breeze.  While January is typically cold up here, we woke up last week to temperatures of -2 and -9 degrees, and again today at -10.  We have not seen temperatures like these for several years - last winter we never even dipped as low as 0.  But, we have got it all this year - cold, snow and ice, lots of ice.  The good news for us is that Donnie and Jim, with Pete easing back into the saddle, have been keeping ahead of the tough winter weather and keeping us plowed, shoveled and sanded.
For those using their units during this winter, you may have noticed that portions of our roads and walkways are covered with a good layer of ice.  The staff does their best to remove the snow and keep the property clean and accessible, but with temperature barely reaching 32 only once in the past 20 or so days, you can imagine that nothing is really melting.  We cannot use large quantities of salt or melting chemicals to get rid of the ice because of our proximity to the lake and the watershed, so we are limited to using mostly sand, for traction.  I know this is messy and often spotty in its application, but it is the best solution available for our particular circumstance.  If you are here and finding it difficult to move around outside your unit, please call the office and ask the staff to bring more sand - they will be happy to assist you.  Please be patient and careful moving around the property.  
Aside from battling Old Man Winter, there is not much new to report from here at this time.  As noted above, Pete is healing up nicely and it should not be too long before he is back to full duty.  Lake Wentworth is frozen and solid now, after this most recent round of frigid temperatures.  If you have been following our Instagram account (#pointbreeze03894), you might have noticed that some of our more ambitious residents (thank you David and Janet Bindman!) created the Point Breeze Skating Rink, right off the West Beach.  Unfortunately, the snow we received this past week reclaimed the rink, but snowmobilers, cross-country skiers, snowshoers and hockey players have taken over Lake Wentworth and winter sports are in full gear.
Other than that, these winter months are all about making sure the harsh weather does not damage the property in any way and the staff is keeping a watchful eye on things.  One reminder - for those of you coming up from time to time during these winter month, please give the office a call prior to coming up so that the staff can ensure that you have adequate access to your unit.  If we have gotten snow and you come up without letting the staff know, you might find feet of snow between your car and your front door.  The staff cleans up every unit, but after big storms the priorities are plowing the roads, shoveling the walkways of those in residence, shoveling those we know are coming up, and then shoveling everyone else.  So, make it easier on everyone and let the staff know when you are coming up.
Lastly, a reminder that we have a Board meeting scheduled for February 5, at 9:00am, and I hope to hear you join us on the call.  If you cannot join us, I hope wherever you are you are safe, healthy and enjoying your winter.
Remember, just about 7 weeks until the start of Spring!  Summer 2022 will be here before you know it!
Paul S. Brown
Point Breeze Condominium Association