President's Message

December 2022
Greetings, All!
I hope everyone was able to have an enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration!  As Point Breeze braces for the coming winter, I wanted to drop you a line regarding some recent news around the community.  Our days have gotten quite short and we have gotten quite a bit of rain recently, but after a minor snowfall (2-3 inches) prior to Thanksgiving, there is no snow in the forecast for the immediate future.  Despite that we are still hoping for a white Christmas!
During the November 5 meeting of the PB Board of Directors, the 2023 Point Breeze Condominium Association budget was adopted by the Board members and, subsequently, during a meeting called for the Unit Owners on Monday, November 21, 2022, there were no votes cast in favor of disapproving the budget, so the budget was therefore ratified, as adopted by the Board.  You may find the final budget on the Association website (
In addition, at the November 5 meeting the Board adopted a new Rule to replace the previously adopted Rule #21, dealing with the use of drones on the Point Breeze property.  A copy of the newly adopted Rule #21 may be found here.  I think you will find that it is significantly more permissive and takes a more congenial tone, similar to our other rules.
Point Breeze Rules - NEW/REVISED Rule #21
Because of the noise created by, and the potential hazards resulting from, the use of Drones on or over the Point Breeze property, anyone wishing to use a Drone while on the property should use common sense and not fly the Drone near the docks, beaches or buildings, or anywhere else members of the community congregate. In addition, with the exception of takeoffs and landings, Drones should be flown at a sufficient height so as not to be a distraction to anyone on the property. Any questions about Drone use on the property should be directed to the Facility Manager, who may also waive any of these restrictions based upon justification presented prior to takeoff. Enjoy your Drone!
A copy of all the Point Breeze Rules may also be found on the Association website.
Donnie and Jim continue to keep the property looking good and functioning well, despite what seems like the most arduous Fall cleanup in history.  Leaf cleanup has never seemed so insurmountable!  But, as always, they are doing a great job, even as they are a man down!  Donnie continues to look for someone to fill our open staff position and I will keep you posted as the search develops.
As always, when on the property I urge you to watch your speed while driving, sort your trash appropriately, clean up after your pets and, most importantly, enjoy yourselves.  I also urge you to follow Point Breeze on Instagram (#pointbreeze03894) - it is a great way to keep up with the community if you cannot be up here.
As we approach Christmas and the New Year, I want to wish all of you a beautiful and joyous holiday and, most importantly, a happy and HEALTHY New Year!  Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2023!
All the best to you and yours!