Adopted by Board of Directors
As a premier condominium association in the Lakes Region, Point Breeze strives to be a community where residents enjoy a high quality of life in our pristine, natural setting.  One way we achieve this is abiding by rules that reflect shared values to be a healthy and safe community, be good neighbors, and maintain visually appealing and well maintained property.  The following rules and regulations are intended to support a shared high quality of life for Point Breeze residents, our guests and friends.
As a unit owner, you are responsible for adhering to these rules. You are also responsible to ensure they are followed by your family, friends and guests. And, as with all condominium rules, failure to follow them may result in fines.
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Adherence to the following rules helps keep Point Breeze safe and healthy.

1. Drive Slowly! The Speed Limit is 15 mph 

Please respect the safety of our community and keep your speed at or below 15 MPH in the complex.

2. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Wolfeboro has a very active and progressive recycling operation.  To be accepted at the landfill, trash must be separated and marked as outlined in the most current version of the recycling rules.
BULKY ITEM FEES are charged for certain large items at the Wolfeboro Landfill.  For all items not considered normal trash, contact the manager for applicable fees and the pickup procedure. All heavy or bulky items not considered to be normal trash are billed at a rate of $50 per staff hour, plus dump fees. You will need to pay your fees to the Manager in advance of a pick-up.
ASHES from your fireplace and grills are to be disposed of in the steel drum provided at the maintenance shed by the office - not in the woods. It is the owner's responsibility to carry the ashes to the maintenance shed in a proper metal container.

3. Grill Safely

Past and recent occurrences of flare-ups of grills close to buildings has caused safety concerns. Therefore all gas grills while in use on the deck and all grills immediately adjacent to the building must be at least 4’ from the building and 4’ out from under any building overhang.
Gas grills should be shut off at the tank when not in use. Someone should be in attendance when any type of grill is in use.
No charcoal grills are allowed on the deck while in use! They must also meet the clearance requirements as stated above.  When not in use, grills should be properly stored, not left in the yard. Grills are to be used in the owner's deck or in the backyard and are not permitted in front yards. Ashes from grills are to be disposed of in the steel drum provided at the Managers’ Office.

4. Keep the Lake Parasite Free: Don't Feed the Ducks and Geese!

Feeding ducks and geese attracts them to the beaches, docks and swimming areas where their droppings promote the growth of a parasite that causes skin rashes and swimmer’s ear.  To ensure the health and safety of our community, don’t feed the ducks and geese!

5. Protect Our Septic System

Point Breeze maintains its own septic system.  There are significant cost consequences when the septic systems fail. To keep them well maintained and keep our costs lower:
  • Put as little garbage as possible down your disposal.
  • Put your garbage and grease out with the trash.
  • Use low or no phosphorus detergents (no chlorine).
  • Use all biodegradable personal care products. All hygiene related items that are not biodegradable should NOT be put into the septic system.

6. Be Secure

The unit owner is responsible for contacting the police if a situation calls for it.

7. Manager's Passkey

Per Association by-laws, the Facility Manager retains a passkey to each unit for Association business only. No owner may alter or install a new lock on any door leading into the unit without the prior consent of the Board. If consent is given, the owner must key the lock to the master association lock and provide the manager with a key.  It is not intended that the owner's privacy be intruded upon, but the key will be used in a personal or property situation in which the Facility Manager must access the unit. Typically this need will arise only in an emergency but may be necessary if there is a maintenance problem, such as a water leak, that may affect your unit. If the Facility Manager accesses a unit, the unit owner will be advised accordingly


There is no better substitute for resolving community issues than to be a respectful, considerate good neighbor.

8. Use Common Areas Courteously

To protect our investment in our grounds and amenities we want to ensure all common areas are well kept, clean, and unharmed. Please treat our common areas accordingly.
Each unit enjoys a 30’ area around it for exclusive use by the unit. Please respect that area as Limited Common Area for the unit owner and is not to be used as shared space.

9. Keep the Volume Down!

Out of respect for all residents and guests, please keep noise at appropriate levels. After 11 pm, please be even more respectful about keeping noise levels low. Also, if you leave your pet at home, please make every effort to be sure your pet is not disturbing the neighbors while you are away.

10. Enjoy Outside Activities

Residents should feel free to use common areas for small informal activities of family and friends, being respectful of noise levels so as not to disturb neighbors. 
If you are planning to have a large organized gathering outside of your unit, you need to have approval from the Board of Directors. Organized picnics or parties, other than small informal gatherings of family and friends, picnics and parties should be hosted at the boat house or in designated common areas.  If you are in doubt about the size of your gathering, please check with the Facility Manager.
Feel free to organize family sports activities such as softball, volleyball and kickball! A basketball hoop is available in front of the Facility Manager’s Office for use anytime except during business hours.
Sports activities which are likely to attract a number of participants and which may become noisy should be played between the tennis courts and Pleasant Valley Road. 
The lawn on both sides of the road may also be used for recreation. Also, the leaching fields are only to be used in winter for skiing and sledding.
Please remove any equipment used in your activity so as not to interfere with maintenance equipment. (You don’t want your bike, ball or tennis paddle to be squashed by a mower!)
And don't play in the road!

11. Enjoy the Tennis Courts

The tennis courts should only be used for racket sports.  Players should wear non-marking sneakers.  All rules apply to adults and children using the courts. The courts may be used indefinitely by owners or their guests if no one is waiting. If people are waiting, please limit your time to 1 hour for single players or 1 ½ hour for doubles

12. Enjoy the Beach     

Beaches are a highly desirable shared amenity for residents, their guests and tenants. Our goal is to ensure the beach is safe and kept clean.  Here are the beach rules:
  • You may host informal family picnics on the beaches and boathouse.
  • No motorboats on the beach.
  • Canoes and kayaks may be on the beach in designated areas but should be on the designated racks when not in use.
  • Nothing should be left on the beach when you leave at the end of the day.
  • There should be no glass on the beach at any time.
  • Bathing or shampooing on the beach or in the lake is not allowed at any time because it is significantly detrimental to the quality of the lake.
  • No grills should be on the beach or in the boathouse unless you are having an approved function.
  • Use the float in a safe manner—no roughhousing! 
  • If people are present, pets may not be on the beach or in the swim area. Be sure your pet does not dig or in any way cause damage to the beaches.

13. If You Have A Boat... 

Owners are responsible for their boat, motor and its winter storage. All boats are the private property of owners. Boats should not be used without the owners knowledge and permission. 
Our seasonal style slips with their 2' and 4' fingers will not properly accommodate boats larger than 19 feet in length and 92 inches in width. Larger boats are prohibited.
The unit owner or tenant should install the unit number on the stern of all watercraft and trailers in a visible manner. The number should be a minimum of 2" in height and be also affixed on the tongue of all boat trailers.
Each owner is provided dock space. The Board assigns space each year to the owner as needed by mid-June.
Boats should be tied to the dock with the use of a "shock absorbing" type rope or cleat saver. Tie downs should be to cleat type devices on the dock only, not to the pipe legs. See special tie up methods here.
Gassing of boats is permitted in the boat launch area.  Lawn carts are provided at each docking location for use in transporting gasoline and equipment to and from the dock. Please return the cart to the dock after use for the next person's use.
Keep the boat ramp and docks free and clear for everyone’s use. Be sure to remove your vehicle immediately thereafter to ensure the ramp is free for others.
During the months of June and September, due to the high water and storms, owners should not leave their boats at the docks if they are going away for a seven day period.
All watercraft must be removed from the waterfront area by December 1 and placed in approved winter storage areas and shall remain there until ice-out. If you have not removed it by December 1, staff will remove the watercraft to the boatyard, after giving notice, and will charge the unit owner for related staff time.
Owners who store their boats and trailers in the boat storage area are responsible to see that the area is secured after leaving the area. All winter protection material should be removed from the area or stored neatly on or under the trailer when not in use.
Note that if boats or trailers are locked, the owner must provide the Manager with duplicate keys in case of storm or emergency. No boat may be placed at the docks until the manager has a duplicate key.
No watercraft or boat of any kind is allowed to traverse the area between the float and the swim line.
Westerly docks are available for visitors and guests to dock their boats.

14. If You Have A Canoe, Kayak or Paddleboard...

Be sure to keep your watercraft in the designated canoe and kayak racks provided for this purpose. Also, your watercraft should be removed from the waterfront area by December 1 and placed in approved winter storage areas until ice-out.

15. About the Docks...

Nothing should be placed or left on the docks unattended.
Spring dock installation is done at the center dock by Memorial Day. East dock is next in even-numbered years and the west dock is next in odd-numbered years. All docks will be in by June 15, depending on the lake level and weather.
Dock removal typically takes place between Labor Day and October 1. The center dock is the last out, others are removed in the same order as they were installed.
Cars and trailers should not be parked or left unattended at the waterfront, including in the launch area.

16. Enjoy the Boathouse

You may leave your personal belongings in the boathouse for short periods of time but not overnight. The boathouse should not be used for storage and nothing should be left on the top deck or porch.
If you would like to reserve the deck of the boathouse for a private event, please contact the Manager to obtain Board approval.

17. Park In Your Designated Parking Lot...

Each owner is assigned two parking spaces: the unit garage and the apron in front of the garage.  
Guests may park in the additional designated parking areas. Additional parking is available in the overflow parking area by the office.

18. If You Have a Motor Home, RV, ATV, Snowmobile, Motorcycle or Drone...

Please park your motor home, campers, and RV’s at the office or in the boat storage yard.  Note that these may not be used as overnight accommodations for owners or guests. 
Motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles may not be used on the Point Breeze property, per Association bylaws.
Drones are prohibited on the PB property and may not be used without permission of the Facility Manager.

20. Be A Responsible Pet Owner...

Point Breeze welcomes domestic animals as pets and expects pet owners to act responsibly to ensure their pets are under control.  Pets must be kept on a leash for their safety and the safety of others.
Pets are allowed on a leash in all common areas at any time. Pets are permitted off leash only in designated areas behind the boat yard and behind the burn pile off Sunset Point Road.
If people are present, pets may not be on the beach or in the swim area. If a pet is already at the beach when people arrive, the owner should immediately remove the pet from the beach.
Because our beaches are a highly desirable shared amenity at Point Breeze, be sure your pet does not dig or in any way cause damage to the beach.
As good pet owners please know that it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet at all times.  For the health and safety of the lake, forest, groundwater, and our residents, please be courteous and scoop the poop! 
Pets should not be chained outdoors and installation of overheard cable and pulleys is not permitted.
Because being accountable for your pet is so important to the community, any violation of these rules will result in a minimum $50 fine.

21. If You Rent Your Unit...

To ensure that Point Breeze remains a community primarily of residents and not short term summer renters, the Association has developed rules that enable you to rent your unit but only for an extended period of time.
You may rent your unit for no less than 30 days. If rented,
  • A unit may not be occupied by more than one party (renter/tenant) in any 30 day period. The 30 day period begins upon the first day of the lease term and ends 30 days thereafter
  • No more than two persons per bedroom may occupy the unit.
  • The unit owner, or his or her agent, must supply copies of the Association Rules and Regulations to the lessee and obtain a signed acknowledgement by the renter/tenant that they will adhere to the rules.
  • In advance of occupancy, the unit owner must supply the Manager with:
  • A copy of the rental/lease agreement
  • Signed rules acknowledgement
  • Insurance certificate providing coverage (Article VI-3(b) of the By-Laws (Ref: Article VI-1(d)
  • The occupancy provision does not pertain to the unit owner who may enter and occupy the unit upon termination of the lease or vacating of the unit by the tenant.
Fines. Please note that the Board of Directors may impose a fine of $325 per day per violation on owner’s who rent their units for less than one month.

22.  If Your Family or Friends Stay in Your Unit...

Owners and tenants are responsible for the actions of their families, guests and invitees. You should also provide your occupants with the rules and regulations of the association so they understand our community standards and expectations.
As a courtesy If any unit is occupied by family or friends without the owner being present, please provide the Point Breeze Office with the names of the person(s) occupying the unit. This way the Facility Manager knows that you are aware that someone is occupying your unit.
If it is determined that there has been a transgression, visitors may be asked to find other accommodations.


Following these rules helps ensure Point Breeze facilities, surroundings and common areas remain visually appealing and clutter-free.

23. Put Your Outdoor Equipment Away at the End of the Day...

To keep our community neat and free of clutter, please put away your outdoor equipment (bikes, tents, toys, lawn furniture, other personal articles) at the end of the day.

24. Clear the Decks!

To keep units visually appealing, please hang your beach towels, laundry and similar items INDOORS and not from decks, railing, windows or the exterior or units.
Please not that mounting flower boxes on your deck railing requires Board approval because of concerns about any potential damage that may occur.

25. If You Want to Fly a Flag....

US flags may be flown from your residence as long as they are placed in an approved area on the exterior of your unit (preferably not on the siding). The flag should not touch the ground. There should be no free standing flagpoles or any type of banners displayed.

26. Stack Your Firewood Under Your Deck 

Firewood not kept within a unit or within an enclosed storage area (garage) should be piled neatly and stored under the unit's deck.  Stacking should be at least one foot from the structure. Fireplace ashes should be disposed of in the steel drum provided at the maintenance shed by the office.

27.  Maintain the Landscaping Around Your Unit  

A consistent look and feel of the landscaping around units helps keep Point Breeze aesthetically appealing.  Maintenance of these plantings is your responsibility as a unit owner.
Point Breeze has an approved landscape plantings list. You can plant annuals within your unit’s foundation bed. If you want to plant shrubs or perennials, they must be on the approved list and you need to apply for approval from the Grounds Committee.
Applications for planting approval are available here.

28.  Making Changes to Your Unit

Any changes to the exterior or interior construction of buildings must be directed to the chair of the Architectural Review Committee for recommendation and Board approval. Applications are available here.


There are also other policies that address specific issues. Please ask the Facility Manager if you have any questions about these rules or other issues not addressed here to obtain further details of these policies.


These rules and regulations are intended to support a safe and harmonious environment for both owners and visitors to Point Breeze. We hope that everyone follows these rules in the interest of supporting the Point Breeze community.
If you see someone not following the rules, ideally you should approach the individual to let them know of your concern and remind them of the rule to be followed. In the event you are not comfortable doing so you should let the Facility Manager know of your concern, either in person, by phone, by email, or though the website.
In the event the rules are not followed, the Board of Directors has the authority to impose fines on unit owners. Here is the process for violation of rules:
  • Any unit owner found in violation of any provision of these rules is liable to the Association in the actual amount of damages sustained by the Association for each and every violation.
  • After two warnings on the same violation, the violator is liable to the Association in the amount of at least $50 per day per violation, with the exception of the fines for violating rental rules (Rule 21).
  • Each day of a continuing violation is deemed a new and additional violation.